Github releases, and colaboration

I know i talked about this in a previous blog about how git made collaboration easier-OK easier to do its not entirely easy(I had soooo much fun figuring out branches -also fun fact branches are detected funny by by command line) anyway issues aside I learned a lot in the past couple days about the collaboration, and not to hammer a point it shows the potential of many working together by having several projects and knowledge base work together to create a bigger whole.

Admittedly I didn’t wanna touch projects that seemed pretty completed and finished,because I think the user need to look after themselves in that area, and that’s completely fine, but one thing we have to remember is that this set of applications, is really simple, even the most advanced of features will not cause as big of an issue as say a release of chromium or WEBRTC( Web real time communication, a package used widely around browsers basically everyone has its own branch of it) so bugs and issues are hard to come by or features.

I been considering adding issues to the project for all features i left incomplete, as there is an RC that was scrapped because i didnt like how it looked like. or the CSS has issues, yeah.

Im probably gonna tinker with it further with current fixes provided. after all this is just even an alpha if we can call it that even because I sincerely wanna add more stuff to this software -an export button proper zurb styling, as well as a new format -Cindy Le(blog here) collaborations helped with my bugs but inspired me to see how far I can go with this. I think this is just the begging of being more involved, I think I would like to collaborate with everyone more, but this is right now ethereal future with all responsibility on top of my musings about image and web design in general, overall I think this is a fun side project to keep, heck maybe even make it a proper editor eventually.

its work in progress like most open source is.

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