Of icons and open source

I had this strange thougth lately about customization of android and open source.

why? because there really isnt a a good way to make your own set. looking at customization tools, there is code readely available-if im honest if it was in a github to be exported I may feel a bit better about it-alas if it is , its probably obscure

this is a topic that came up upon learning of the customization tools in launchers, in android an other branches of the android system, the now defunct cyanogenmod, -and its spiritual succesor lineage- have this ffeature and if you ask if there is such a thing as apetite for customization, recently samsung released a smart case with icons, and theme of spiderman, but only if you buy the case.

Im two minds about this, I believe creators absolutely deserve to be paid, but im againts exclusivity I would love to have that theme for example. but once again under the paywall of exlusivity stops me from obtaining such customization.

whats the point you are probably asking, Im arguing that we are pretty much ignoring a side of android that could be much greater, the idea of just customizing your icons is powerful- I remember on the early 2000 themes for windows 98 and 2000 were all the rage. We lost that spark come xp despite excellent themeing software being available. true in the end this comes to money but i think there is a posibility here to create a structured aproach for all of us to make customizations to android. if not a suit a repository to clone where to start, with basic icons we can click change, etc before making an apk that can be suported, in fact while I want this to be open, im not againts the idea of artist having a framework to be able to enter a market place that while crowded, is full of posibilites we havent exploited. there is appetite, and sincerely what we need is an entry point, and i think open source can be the beggining of this.

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