Hacktober do it! you wont regret it!

Hacktober, an undertaking that I have heard about but I have never taken part of, is a festival about fixing all issues and helping git projects get more people and eyes into the collaboration part of open source, and I appreciate this however when looking at it, it feels as if it is just another, colossal undertaking that is SCARY. But now after looking at it I don’t know, Its a huge undertaking….however is not a no win scenario.

There is issues for everyone in git, for EVERY SKILL LEVEL don’t think that just because it looks big projects can have fixes that are small, big, medium, any size really don’t be scared just because an undertaking looks hard I mean lets see at some of the fixes and issues I’m looking at to try to do for this wonderful event

I’m still undecided as what I would like to do, so I’m just gonna preface that this way.

In some cases I would like to help CSS and JavaScript projects if you are like that I have found issues such as this. This are good and simple for any to quick start,:


Now fixes such as this are a great start and I would like to contribute to other projects CSS with JavaScript issues, this fixes are mostly for entry level and maybe too basic of fix and issues. This is something I’m capable of doing however I feel as if this is just one of the possibilities, unfortunately I feel this is a bit too simple.

Not to look down on them I mean i fix meta tags to amazing results in HTML and CSS. But i feel i can do so much more, so I looked into other type of possible fixes for me to do


I speak a different language now this is not exactly easy job in my opinion having done translations part time before- I had an interesting life- but is a meaningful contribution I believe I can do.

Now considering my love of web development and design


this is also a type of fix I would love to do add Responsive Design, something that despite advertised as easy( thank you frameworks) not really as easy as you would expect thanks to setup and other many types of issues.

But I don’t think that’s all I can do win this Hacktober.


Issues such as this is also the kind of issues I would love since Java and MYSQL is an area I can work, and Scheme design is something in my area of interest


and this leads to other issues such as REST and other abilities that I’m good at.

Hacktober is an idea that is terrifying when mentioned the first time, but I’m sincerely surprised at so many ways this turned out to be. Its just so diverse (in fact I m surprised at the level of “dummy requests” that are meant to either Teach, or get a free shirt -seriously people do whatever it takes for free-) but look at this now this is an amazing project to undertake and you should look at it, its a great event and eventually you will find something that works for you, and trust me it will be worth it for your skills -although if you want a free shirt this is a good way to learn and get a free shirt)

Until another time!

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