documentation, languages and gitpull request

This is my first pull request and one of the most odd ones, I decided to work in documentation and trying to format I have a background in project management and as such ,I understand that documentation. Is important I found this issue in passing, I understand this is not the language many speak but as a bilingual speaker, I can understand and localize some documentation, the bug in question asked to make documentation a lot more concise and up to standard.

I tried to follow requirements I used to follow to make this more readable to other spanish speakers, and coders.

While I believe programing is a very universal way of communication, the documentation is important, we cannot do anything without it and as such we are at the mercy of it .

however collaboration between documentation is tricky I am not that familiar with this project and for all I know my documentation now how does a developer solve this problem?

Git Pull is a method of dealing and merging with things, for main developer to check, as I understood he may ask me to change things or add more things, and thats ok , I sent him a draft that may or may not be a part of the program, its part of the collaboration process and what Im learning here is basic ideas that will eventually help me be a better programmer and a master git

this is my first foray in hacktober, so far Im enjoying it. and hope for more things with my next pull that I find more interesting.

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