Of Programming and issues, you don’t expect.

When I picked  this bug, I just looked at the description and the project and  I expected something else.

I didn’t expect a react framework project to  be  in here. To be honest I’m proud since I had picked  this issue(https://github.com/chrisdesilva/pickup/issues/24)  I liked the idea of  geo location, and I liked the idea of working in a JavaScript / html  environment…..I did not however expect a  react project.

Now  this is  probably a surprise for a  web developer  but I have never found a  reason to professionally work with react( this is a preference due to me liking   structures with  Angular, and  a thing called  2 way binding) that said this was an opportunity, but when I took  this project I once again was  a bit  frozen.

Walking to a new project is something that  can produce anxiety,  and can produce  a lot  of freezing, think about a new project on a language  you don’t understand  entirely ( JSX for those who don’t  know)
that is fairly developed – about 15 to 17  commits by the time I was  rebasing this project to check for my  changes- as such It felt big or at least well maintained, it’s a big task.

Freezing is normal I know I do it  with a few  high-end projects and  laboratory, bit how do you deal with this.  When you are a programmer you may don’t have the  luxury of  just  leaving time, sometimes is racing against it, so how about  I show you how to deal with this   problem

A language you don’t know:

When you are  facing  this problem  ask yourself about the  language, is there documentation, is there  books is there  videos, there is always avenues to learn your preferred  way there is always ways to keep going into a new language, or  to understand or  refresh there is always a way to deal with this.

Breakdown the task, always consider the task and break it  into pieces so that they are small  chunks that will be  able to  be  tackled  easy,  think about  it this way, a whole new  structure can be changed  or added depending the circumstances, and you can tackle  this  structure bit by  bit , add a chunk by chunk , test,  make sure everything is  safe  and keep one step at a time don’t try to do everything   that way can   easily   ruin you, however most importantly try to keep things contained to a level that  keeps  you comfortable.

Ask for help: I know  I don’t like asking for it but if you are stuck don’t be afraid of asking for help you can learn from others, and they can learn in turn from you, never be scared of asking for help, either from  colleges ,professors,   people within the project don’t be  afraid  you will be glad you did I promise you

Above all, don’t give up. I know is  cliché, but   think about it, you have to  face the beast sometime , evading it  delays the inevitable  blah blah,  you are  in front of a task at hand , and success  depends on you, on your ability to be the best you can be,   I’m not saying  don’t freeze I’m saying accept it will happen and then do something about it,  don’t just give up  being a  developer is  about overcoming challenges,  about always growing, about  picking the pieces and making them fit again-sometimes  very forcefully-

You will not always succeed, admittedly, and that’s fine, one of the reasons I don’t  believe in the  no win scenario is that  coding is always  changing, always  teaching you, you can’t accept this is as good as Ill ever  be. Being a programmer  is being a student, like most sciences, and  you need to adapt, change  learn, because there is something new always  ready for you to take on the day. So, don’t  falter, in every loss against pieces of codes there is lessons to have, and those are your wins, that’s how you learn.

You learn more from defeat than success, I understand of course is not a good  feeling but  always consider this, you lose if you don’t try, but you can always win the chance is always there.

Your  pull request can be denied-I sincerely expected mine to need  a bit more of work after the 17 commits before mine,-  but you will learn new things,- such as rebase,  or new bugs, or things to look up

Contributing to projects with git is an adventure  new projects, can teach you, the same way-out contribute to them it’s a bit of  symbiotic  relationship so don’t be afraid of pull requests and to ask for help I mean  to end this on a happy note?

My pull request was accepted.

So yeah  don’t be afraid, keep going, and learn, for the day you will need it.

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