Of contributions and details

My experience with developing in a team are numerous admittedly. I have been in the industry for a while, I didn’t think I ever crowdsourced a design like this,

For the internal part of the project I joined the front end side of the program development, which I mean makes sense, its my area of specialty , and where I have most knowledge.

At first I just decided to make a basic design of the one currently existing morel, with just responsive flavor to it.

that being said I don’t think I like it as an overall design, for our project.


I’m a fan of this basic redesign because it keeps our brand, but is sincerely too simple now that we have mock-ups I’m now working on making the system a bit more.

However there is now a very big amount of collaboration between the front enders and how we are coordinating our efforts.

We are missing a few features as we have to design a responsive design that will work for all of us and our system in general.

I don’t think there is much as my new base page protype in theory is reverse of the current design that we have but the buttons are reversed. A look to my progress can be find here


Honestly, I’m not that proud of the one it need more work and I wish I could work with it a bit further on that over the weekend.

We are currently missing a few details for example last, I check we have no logo. We have no tablet or mobile viewport responsive and we of course haven’t finalized file structure nor the containerized approach that we depend on other development

This is the begging of a project admittedly and it will be messy, communication and coordinating I have found is what makes this project so interesting, how we have many people and how we have to coordinate and the many ways this relates to other work.

I’m going to go off a tangent here because I want to relate this to work experiences.

A long time ago in a job far away, I used to be a front ender for a company that had a system with no source control. This caused errors, lost work, development going live when it shouldn’t, issues of information being incorrect not being corrected when someone overwrote data. The issues not kept track… Working in git has made me realize just how much better this is as a workflow, where there’s no need to worry, everyone can have branches separate from “production”, having logs of communications , coordination is documented, commits and merges are documented, Documentation is within the repository. All this are advantages of git that you don’t see, or perhaps take for granted, until you either come from a place where it didn’t exist, OR you come from a place where it existed and then its not supported in the next.

 This is just simply a nice detail I wanted to point out , While as a developer I been forced far too many times into sink or swim scenarios, the idea of an organized workspace that can be used and contributed by many people at the same time is just amazing and fantastic.

This leads me to my experience currently on large projects

I have tried to figure out good projects to contribute and that’s what most of my time have gone,
Part of the reason is because I want to try to do something tat is fully related to my career work for my work term next year, which I’m not sure what it can range as a business analyst, which requires either documentation, or error fixing on several kind of languages using SQL

I’m currently eyeing however the following projects to make contributions

Moment (https://github.com/moment/moment)

Brackets (https://github.com/adobe/brackets )

Ghost (https://github.com/TryGhost/Ghost )

I know a few of the issues here are documentation which is something I want more practice, in others I seen issues that seem fascinating just because what the programs are build on( brackets, and ghosts for example)

Moment is just a library I would like to pay back for being so useful over my lifetime as developer.

I’m curios what Ill do over the weekend on issues here but trust me when I say I plan to succeed

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