Documentation notes

This is going to be a mostly text  diagram because I’m mostly working in terms of why I find in big projects organization is important.

And this pull request still needs some work ,
If I’m honest I would like to make this into an html file – but I mean if I had my way I would work towards making a wiki.

I’m not sure I can do this now this late into the project unless we have this much  information.

Its an idea to keep track off anyway.

Today I made basic communications system diagram now its very simple and it still needs some work as my requester for documentation has asked me to add more information, annotations and details

Now Diagrams , are of course a very easy way to understand the system we can always make simple  flowcharts

|dats       |
|dats2      |

———- ————
|dats      | ——->|dats 2    |
———- ————

  We are considering this  flowcharts as they are simple to edit, simple to do and simple to understand and can be edited by everyone.

Now this is simple work for some but I believe there is some complexities to that.
In order to create this information we deal with a lot of information and details, this is currently an incomplete request as I plan to write on the text file every step we need how it works and  how the flow of the program works , and if we ever need to change it will be an easy change to correct and understand and produce with minimal efforts if the flow changed.

We are using the second style as I want to add captions on iterations 2 as per requests of my pull request. With this as well, so it would look like this


———-       ———–
|dats      | ——->|dats 2    |
———-       ———–
Dats project send information to dats 2

And of course explain what’s happening on the project with a better

For improvements here I’m considering  using of HTML files, in particular vector files. And instructions, or CSS objects aligned properly -granted this probably  up the difficulty of modification of documentation,

most of this are notes and reams in my head especially considering how little time we actually have with this project if I had more time I would like to work towards creating a proper wiki

If I continue working in this project on my spare time I see myself trying to work with the documentation team and make a wiki to create the most of this project documentation making it possible for the next generation to work with it, in general I do believe in this project implicitly helped me a lot in my co op hunt and my theory. As such I want to contribute to it if it continues to live as  a project like this deserves to continue existing and maybe this time

My ideas won’t stay ideas.

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