Merging , starts, and misc

One of the  challenges of  git is the need to have configuration files for  it to run properly, one bad change   and we could have a complete  wreck of the project.

On our project  a commit changed our configuration file during a rebase and  merging deleting an instruction for us to run the project. This in turn became an  issue due to  the fact that it suddenly did not run.

 the commit issues  changed our original data

To this

Let’s go through the issues, you see  just-watch  AND debug server should be the only instructions added to our package.json . The  issues then trigger by  our “start” and  “server” commands being changed and deleted  respectively in the commit.

“start” being changed, unfortunately ignores we have moved our   source to a  different folder, and the second issue is the  distinction that  our “server” has been changed  and removed  and we cannot start the program without it

Of course, there is other elements  that have been deleted  but we could in theory consider them lower priority.
 “ hints”,  while this could be ignored is probably a good practice to keep our  hints and environment hints to work in general.

“webhint”  this is once again a hint system and while not  critical, this hint help us sincerely specially for a newbie to this project so in my opinion this could and SHOULD be kept.

 Now this is  a simple fix admittedly and   critical all the same , you see,  while this is simple the issues explained  above means we need to change our file.

Now  we could just revert the commit and be done with it.
but we could instead make  changes and fix things,

from the new  file  this is only instruction we  really need to change in the original file.

As we should  just revert changes and add  our data

As you see we have changed the
“start” to go to the  proper source system
“sever” is  reinstated and  of course pointing to server locations

“hint” is changed  and added again.
“webhint” is once again  reinstated to help run .

and we keep the additions  as this is to run  the patch please note first intruction changes due to format changes

and of course the addition of our debug server system running with server.js file

From our screens you will notice a  few format changes done by npm  install are noted as they are alphabetized  to be helpful.

In general once again this a   very easy fix, and  as mentioned  before important
the package  file,   is  the lifeline for  installation and  run,  changes to it  will change our project and  if we ignore what happens ,   we can  wreck the project, this can be  not  the fault of the developer.
but, we need to be aware of this  issues  for this can happen in a  rebase, or mistakes , or differences in developer environment.

merging files is a very important skill, and  this is  a simple explanation,  I would like to go  deeper into it but I believe that is  a topic for a next blog

Til next time.

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