Merging and data

Merging  files is a very simple process, I mean we have gone through it in previous  iterations,  I have considered lately that merging  I talked about it previously on  a request Im trying to find similar request to wat u do in order to fix them.

In general Its about finding whats missing,  when you transfer information from one file to another we simply fix the data from one to another in this case  the system went from  2sides

the functions do the same and follow same procedures
 the original file  only does one function check if its logged in and gets session and then  moves it along

the file that  needs to be merged checks if there is a post, and checks for a  session id.

now we are adding the functionality step by step

adding chalk , config and actions to requirements

adding variable is post

we then using router.use we add code from session-id in lines 13 to 16 and in line 17 we add a 17 else condition. on the code from

We then add the functionality of session id if there is no seession id and the post is not done

Then the original code is added as an else if 

The green line  is our only modification as noticed else, modifying.

the only thing I did not change however  was   not deleting your session-id as I believe the code was needed and decided to ask the main developer to please  review that, If not I would have changed the code to do that.
I did something similar in a previous commit as part of  a rebase, that  happenned a bit before, and I think is important skill to master the merging of files, as  contents, and  conflicts demand that you do this, in case of specific  changes.  Practicing merging , both for conflict sakes and other reasons is  very important, and  while this  feels very easy,  going through code, finding the parts you need to edit, and then finally understand the code you need to do  is rewarding.

Merging should never be ignored, and we should always pay attention to it, we could make mistakes, and damage the project as a whole, so never take it lightly and test your code.

As such , be safe and until next time.

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