The final-of the year- blog

This being my sign off blog for the month- not because I’m retiring from open source but because I don’t know if Ill have time for my normal projects in the future, I plan to maintain some of my bad code. That being said I would like this blog entry to be one of reflection

This class taught me quite a bit, Git is something I have used, to the extent of this no I have never done it like this

the skills taught rebasing, pull requests, searching for issues

the experience of hacktober.

I sincerely think that this is an experience every developer should have and that’s why I think I would do it again…AND BETTER, being swarmed in classes is not fun and that still probably why I couldn’t take on things the way i would prefer to.

The beauty of telescope is I see myself working on it, because I find it entertaining work, and deserves to have more work done to it, is a fun project and more.

Another thing is blogging.

I have podcasted for 2 years now, 3 if you count my fail ramble project I find my ideas suit that format better, I have considering testing an audio blog format for this blog going format, but I’m not sure that would work.

I’m thinking my ideas and tutorials of other students show me maybe I have future writing some tutorials for people- apparently someone is using a heroku tutorial I wrote a couple years ago – I’m honestly still deciding what to do with this blog going forward specially with a co op term looming, I know I’m helping a few students still next semester as they are my friends and they know they can come to em with questions. Maybe Ill write about that work, and how to relate it to open source -after all I have wanted to talk about issues in authentication, and my issues with images and open source packages, there is a lot of unrealized potential here and I know I’m not abandoning it yet 2020 brings a future I want to be part of in open source. And while I’m now working in closed source for at least the following 8 months, I hope to find time to work on the things i found entertaining, and to help small projects with small fixes perhaps .

I also plan to take some of my old projects further . If any this class makes me think this content has future, and needs to be better, and as such I cant give up on it.

So while this is mostly a reflection on course, I would like to say that my Journey in open source isn’t over and we are now into the unknown.

I may take a break for a bit, for I m pretty sure the next 3 weeks will be hectic as such probably no blogs will happen but I plan to at least make a few new tutorials on using web technologies.

Its a start about what I want to do. And how I’m going to reach it, I will never be able to master all code.

But I can help in a little corner.

Anyway this is a see you later. Because this isn’t ending, i know as cliche as this is.

Its just the beginning.

Look forward at least to see an updated final project on my GitHub. And see me roll upgrades to all my own projects too.

For now. Til later and Ill see you in the next journey

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