The final-of the year- blog

This being my sign off blog for the month- not because I’m retiring from open source but because I don’t know if Ill have time for my normal projects in the future, I plan to maintain some of my bad code. That being said I would like this blog entry to be one of reflection […]

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Merging and data

Merging  files is a very simple process, I mean we have gone through it in previous  iterations,  I have considered lately that merging  I talked about it previously on  a request Im trying to find similar request to wat u do in order to fix them. In general Its about finding whats missing,  when you […]

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Documentation notes

This is going to be a mostly text  diagram because I’m mostly working in terms of why I find in big projects organization is important. And this pull request still needs some work ,If I’m honest I would like to make this into an html file – but I mean if I had my way […]

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Merging , starts, and misc

One of the  challenges of  git is the need to have configuration files for  it to run properly, one bad change   and we could have a complete  wreck of the project. On our project  a commit changed our configuration file during a rebase and  merging deleting an instruction for us to run the project. This […]

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Of contributions and details

My experience with developing in a team are numerous admittedly. I have been in the industry for a while, I didn’t think I ever crowdsourced a design like this, For the internal part of the project I joined the front end side of the program development, which I mean makes sense, its my area of […]

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